Spiritual Growth and Development

The work of spiritual growth is a personal work done in conjunction with others, where growing spiritually is really about cultivating a greater capacity to live from genuine loving attitudes in every area of our lives. This, we believe, has always been God’s intention for us and is what will ultimately lead to a fulfilled and peaceful life regardless of the turmoil that may surround us. The New Christian Church offers you a new way of understanding the Christian message found in the Bible that focuses on our daily experience of life as the ground for developing a rich spiritual practice. Most of us live busy lives that crowd out the important things making it a struggle to find the time to pursue the growth of our spirits and the cultivation of a truly human character. By taking hold of a few key principles or tools your life, as you experience it now, can become the ground for what is truly sacred.

We offer a range of books (on loan), DVDs, YouTube presentations in Church Hall, designed to support you in your personal spiritual growth and awareness.

For more information on available courses you can go to the Australian New Church College by clicking on the following link…

The Australian New Church College 


Spread love everywhere you go.

Let no one ever come to you  without leaving happier.

 – Mother Teresa