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We are a spiritually focused community seeking to learn how to be more loving and understanding in our interactions with others.

"The Law of the Lord is Perfect"


Welcome to the Adelaide Christian New Church Online!

We are a spiritually focused community seeking to learn how to be more loving and understanding in our interactions with others. We believe that the Lord God is Jesus Christ who makes Himself known to us through His Word, found in the Bible and understood in the light of the spiritual teachings therein. We believe that the Lord is present with us in His Word and that through living from the principles found there we create the opportunity for the Lord to transform our lives into a living expression of His love. The goal of a truly spiritual life is to be led out of the negative states of life created through our own anxieties, into a heavenly life characterised by a joy and happiness for living, springing from a genuine concern for the spiritual wellbeing of all.

If you are looking to become more spiritually aware, then please take the time to have a look around our website. If a deeper guiding faith is something you would like to have, perhaps we could help. We would be honoured to hear from you. You will find our contact details below.

Sunday Worship

A Place to Connect

A community of faith that welcomes all, with a focus on spiritual growth and healing through Christ.

Spiritual Growth in a Community.

Sunday Worship is a place where you can explore your spirituality and grow closer to God in fellowship with others who share similar values.

Connect with people

We want you to feel at home here so we offer plenty of opportunities for connection including social events, small groups and prayer meetings.

Inspire curiosity about God's Word.

We believe that knowing what the Bible says is a powerful way to know who God is and how he wants us to live – it will change you!

The Bible as Guide for Living Today.

We offer an approach to understanding the Bible which takes into account its message being primarily aimed at our inner life, thus while many stories may appear historical on the surface we see within them messages about how we live today.

Sunday Church Time


Currently on alternate Sundays.
Please phone to check for Sunday Church dates.

What's on

Coffee and chat

The Coffee Club is a friendly place to get together, talk about life, have coffee, share fellowship. The Club meets every 2nd Thursday of the month at 10:30am in the Church Hall

Angel Meditation

A most peaceful, relaxing Angel Meditation, with Healing if desired, is held on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Held in the Church Hall at 7.30pm.

Study Group

A current Study Group is on the book “Love in Marriage” . An interesting and indepth book concerning relationships and explains many of the areas of affection and love between people. Held fortnightly on a Wednesday at 7.00pm.

Latest News


Ego (Pillars of New Church Beliefs)

Continuing a series presenting our beliefs in plain English. This time we will look at what people call Ego. In Greek, ‘ego’ means ‘I, me’.

Connect Groups

Build Stronger Relationships

Create meaningful relationships with others through small groups in your area that are led by a trained facilitator.

Small Groups for Spiritual Growth

Participate in a small group that is rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ, focused on spiritual growth, and where you can make new friends who share your faith journey.

Meaningful Connections to Others Who Share Your Faith Journey

In these groups, we explore the Bible together and share our lives with one another as we learn how to grow spiritually through relationships with others like us who are seeking God’s will for their life.